Message from the founder

Dear friend!
Nowadays the human body tolerates many toxins from the environment, food, water … So the body needs regular detox, remove excess fat in the liver, in the blood to keep shape & beautiful skin.
We live in a tropical country, with lots of fresh fruit and exceptional uses. Do we all want to replace harmful chemical drinks with natural, nutritious & safe drinks?
Vgreen Group, after a period of product research and development by leading nutritionists, has produced freshly fermented fruit juice (Vcider) and pure grape wine (Vwine).
These are supplements that contain vitamin C and minerals, helping the body to strengthen the resistance, anti-aging, anti-cancer, support the digestive system, detox the body and beautify the skin …
I – as the President & Founder of Vgreen – affirm to you one thing: all Vgreen products are from nature, pure, no preservatives, no chemical fragrances and persistent residues destroying harms to health and the environment.
In Vietnam, Vgreen is a pioneering brand of Vcider production, a line of drinks that can replace alcohol and is extremely good for health. Therefore, Vcider is trusted and well received by consumers.
Everyone knows that fruits have many good benefits, but not always we can add fresh fruits. But with Vcider, it is very convenient to use, as long as you drink 1 drink per day, the effect of weight loss & skin beauty can be clearly seen every day.
Moreover, all members of the household from adults to children, men & women can enjoy Vcider!
Dear friends, I hope you join us in spreading nutritious drinks, helping people stay healthy and beautiful with nature, strengthening natural resistance, refreshing spirits, and the whole family is happy & happy. more every day!

Thank you for trusting, supporting VGreen, and wish you luck and more success