In 2006, Viet Green Import-Export and Trading Joint Stock Company (VGreen) was established and VGreen CEO Tran Thanh Viet is officially the company's Chairman of the Board of Directors, a significant milestone in her career. VGreen was born as a pioneer in the production of beverages made from fresh tropical fruits and Vietnamese green tea. VGreen adheres to the principle of research and development (R&D) based on three strengths: clean, natural, healthy products, and honoring Vietnamese agricultural products.


VGreen CEO Tran Thanh Viet received the Certificate of Merit from Thai Nguyen province with the topic "Research to perfect the technological process of manufacturing and processing of fermented beverage from Thai Nguyen tea - Kombucha tea".





Vgreen is constantly searching, researching and carefully selecting the quintessential beauty and health care products/services to serve the community.


Vgreen respects established standards and life in order to maintain business ethics in all actions and behaviors.


VGreen strictly complies with Vietnamese Laws, codes of conduct and established business standards to be worthy of the public's trust.


Vgreen sets severe requirements for the production and testing of products/services, aiming for the standards of Biotech Organic Clean Materials - Biotech.


Vgreen always takes people and nature as the foundation to build and develop a sustainable organization that promotes public health and a clean environment.



“VGreen continues to perfect the mission that the business has created itself since its start-up, which is to bring “green drinks for a healthy, natural life”. VGreen produces beverage products that replace harmful chemical drinks in the family with safe and healthy natural drink products. VGreen prioritizes the processing and production of drinks made from agricultural products and local specialties in particular to honor Vietnamese agricultural products, helping products made from local agricultural products to have a high market share in the domestic market as well as be ready for promotion to the international market."

VGreen's beverage products are manufactured according to the strategy of "Honoring Vietnamese agricultural products through a closed model from investing in raw materials - R&D - production - distribution", which has been on the market since 2014 to now. In 2018, VGreen pioneered to perfect the production method of naturally fermented tropical fruit juice (cider) from Vietnamese fruits such as green grapes, dragon fruit, pineapple, myrtle, litchi... “Thanks to the OCOP program, we have a map of agricultural products and specialties throughout the provinces and towns. We then select products that can make healthy and natural drinks. Working hard, VGreen has been creating many areas of clean raw materials, aiding farmers' input resources to be cultivated cleanly, and raising the value of agricultural products, ensuring farmers avoid the hazards of season devaluation.

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