Introducing Vgreen´s "Green Drinks" product line

Vgreen brand was born with the criterion of "green drink for a healthy and natural life". VGreen adheres to the principle of research and development (R&D) based on three strengths: clean, natural, healthy products and honoring Vietnamese agricultural products.

Chill Kombucha - Drink for a healthy lifestyle


Chill Kombucha is a line of fresh Kombucha that is fermented completely naturally from tea and fresh fruit specialties according to the exclusive Vkomcha recipe:

- Do not use fermentation inhibition technology;

- No preservatives;

- No colorants or fragrances.

Giấy Chứng Nhận Tiêu Chuẩn

Ms Thuy

Ms Thuy

I have tried many kombucha teas but I am most impressed with Vgreen's kombucha lines. The product has the typical flavor of Thai Nguyen tea, with a slight sour taste due to fermentation from scoby mushrooms and the aroma of fresh Vietnamese fruits. Not only a refreshing drink, Vgreen is also a line of green and healthy drinks suitable for every family's taste.
Mr. Nguyen Trung

Mr. Nguyen Trung

Not only the kombucha tea products but VGreen's grape wine are also worth enjoying. Personally, I really like Vgreen's Vmax 750ml. The sweetness is reduced instead of increased substance and alcohol content creating a very different taste for this wine.
Mrs Tran Van Anh

Mrs Tran Van Anh

Manager Mr. Happiness
VGreen bottled drink is delicious, easy to store and is an indispensable product in my house. There are many types of mixes with many flavors to choose from. In addition to kombucha tea, Vgreen's fermented fruit drinks are also worth enjoying.
Mrs Pham Huong

Mrs Pham Huong

CEO Home Spa Vietnam
VGreen launched a drink made from fresh tropical fruits and fermented Vietnamese green tea thanks to the Scoby breed which is not only delicious but also good for health. My whole family loves this product.