VGREEN was honored "Top 100 trusted products and services in Vietnam in 2022"

Mục lục (Ẩn / Hiện)
Vgreen has received the award for the second year in a row, continuing to affirm its position and gradually dominate the domestic consumer market with beverage products from tea combined with fermented fruit, alcoholic beverage substitutes and industrial beverages bearing the company's quality and standards.

Announcement and honor ceremony "Top 100 trusted products and services in Vietnam 2022"

On December 7, a ceremony to announce and honor the "Top 100 trusted products and services in Vietnam 2022" took place at the JW Marriott Hotel in Hanoi. This is an activity held by VnEconomy, Vietnam Economy, and Vietnam Economic Times to recognize and honor reputable, quality brands of products and services that ensures national and international standards for human health and meet the requirements of modern science and technology.

Vgreen Group was named a "Top 100 trusted products and services in 2022" for its green beverage brand. This is Vgreen's second consecutive year receiving this award, confirming its position and gradually dominating the domestic consumer market with beverage products combining tea with fermented fruit, alcoholic beverage substitutes, and industrial drinks of high quality and standards such as: Vkombucha Immortal Tea, Vkombucha Chill, Vcider, Zero-degree Ginger Beer...

Vgreen is a brand that carries the meaning of a green Vietnam because the products are not only a healthy drink, but also a mission with the core value of "Health and beauty with nature" to bring Vietnamese agricultural products to the international level. Vgreen has been offering the most quintessential products and services to the community.

With a diverse product line such as Vkombucha chill, fermented drinks from Thai Nguyen tea that combine tropical fruits from various regions and brewed according to an exclusive formula for delicious Kombucha yeast with the full flavor of fresh fruit, ensuring the maximum content of probiotics and vitamins… Our Zero-degree Ginger Beer product is a harmonious combination between Shogaol ginger and green tea, hibiscus flower tea, hops...  generating a nutritious drink for consumers' health.

Tran Thanh Viet (General Director of Vgreen Group) shared: The Vietnam Trust Award 2022 highlights the prestige, product and service quality of businesses operating in the domestic market. Being in the list of Top 100 trusted products and services in 2022 is the pride of Vgreen in particular and Vietnamese brands in general. The company will strive to research and develop more product lines honoring Vietnamese agricultural products and regional specialties in order to provide green, safe, healthy choices while also adding value to customers. 

In the future, Vgreen will continue to expand its Vkombucha distribution network from the traditional channel with a long-standing reputable store system to the modern channel of supermarket chains, macrobiotic store chains such as Unik mart, Sunshine mart, HomeFood, FujiFruit, Xanhsam Organic,... and aim to develop to be present in provinces and cities across the country for customers' convenience in purchasing and using products.

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