VGreen launches Vcider 100% natural fermented wine and juice line to serve Tet

Mục lục (Ẩn / Hiện)

New Year's Day, Lunar New Year 2020 - the New Year of the Rat is approaching, capturing the trend of consumers looking for new and healthy products, VGreen has launched a 100% natural fermented drink line called Vcider.

VGreen tung dòng rượu vang và nước trái cây lên men 100% thiên nhiên Vcider phục vụ Tết

Vcider is a naturally fermented fruit juice, brewed by traditional and manual methods by VGreen's expert team, which took nearly 2 years of research to perfect the product.

Saying no to preservatives is a challenging problem for businesses to deal with. Because the product is pure from nature, it requires proper preservation, and once opened, it must be kept refrigerated, the shelf life is only 6 months...

But with a passion for conquering challenges, VGreen has chosen a specialized direction, being the first company in Vietnam to produce a line of fermented wines and juices specializing in health and beauty services.

VGreen produces wine and fermented juices, 100% natural products: organic fruit farming and care, manual fermentation, using stevia (instead of sugar) and no chemical preservatives.

Products are manufactured by bio-organic standard technology, using clean BioTech raw materials…

VGreen is a pioneer in building a line of high-quality fermented products for women with the purpose of keeping fit and beautiful skin.

Becoming a symbol brand for the belief in holistic health and beauty, harmonizing people and nature, VGreen is constantly searching for, researching and carefully selecting the quintessential health and beauty care products/services to serve the community.


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